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 Posted: Sep 22nd, 2014 12:25 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi sparkz,

Thanks for your description of it.....

I'd have to say the only way people could get an idea if it worked or not would be to aggregate information of all sessions, questions posed, and all would only be after documentation that one could truly say whether it is a feasible method of communication....of course, this does not mean a person may not have an individual experience.....

I think there is much hope for these devices, once not yet developed knowledge is applied. I think the issue is first we have to understand how spirit uses energy to communicate, then we will know how to make and/or arrange sensors for them to manipulate.

I know Bill has been toiling away for some time....when he first came out with those devices he indicated that they were merely experimental, if even that. Moreso, he indicated somewhere I saw that he hoped that enough people would use his devices and provide feedback, which in turn may lead to further development......I do not know if he has changed his stance, but I believe his approach is "here it is, enjoy." There is no expectation or promise of specific capabilities (that I know of) (which is actually a necessity in what he does), whereas most people catch onto the hype and actually believe they are buying a device built with specific intention and a proven track record.

I'd have to see all of the evidence first. When the puck first came out, I thought it was cool, but I did not feel that it had the ability to communicate with spirit.

Either way, I'm sure everyone would agree there is future potential in this area, and we look forward to future developments by Bill and others.