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 Posted: Sep 16th, 2014 01:59 PM
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It is interesting that one of my best, and most scary, EVPs was one of a prediction...maybe it was percieved in a time difference to when the entity heard my voice but the fact that the EVP came across before my spoken word had me on edge so much that I stopped all my research for over a year til it lasted just about 5 years I cant even remember now.

I dont have the EVP on hand but I will post it in here as an edit in the near future; I need to work on encryption methods to keep people from stealing my work; its a shame I have to do that ya never know; I will post the RAW file for analysis and give you all chances to decode and decrypt the thing; it will be fun !

Then I will post the entire section of tape with filtering with what I believe was said; this one EVP I captured and filtered was probly one of the best pieces of evidence (for me) that something is out there ...!

Mr Zeta