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 Posted: Sep 5th, 2014 11:35 PM
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Hey Stefan,
While I would absolutely LOVE to be able to help you, I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to the technical aspect of these things. I know nothing of signals, or how to relay them, etc, etc. If I could, I would gladly help you. If I can be of assistance in any way, let me know. Not sure how I can help other than giving feedback, but I will try to give you as much as I can.
Again, I love the site and feel it has great potential once more people use it. Please never think of any of my feedback as being critical. I am the wrong person to be critical of others, especially in this ITC setup stuff. My only "Creative Corner" idea was to livestream, via ustream, several different ghost boxes. It was simple enough to do, but I disliked the idea of leaving a ghost box on, unattended, solely for the others entertainment. I still wish that more people would have tried it, as I think you and I are possibly trying to "see" the same thing: can one device at one location possibly allow spirit communication to others who are several hundred, even thousands, of miles away.
I wish you nothing but the best of luck my friend.