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 Posted: Sep 4th, 2014 12:33 AM
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Hey Stefan!!!

  Thank you for another truly great ITC website! I really appreciate it. I have done a few really, really quick recordings (I know, not ideal for an ITC setting) and I can't say that I have gotten much.

  Even though I am full of ideas, I never follow through with them because I always lose interest in the end product once I get fed up with the process. I am not fortunate enough, like you and Keith have been, to say I have ever been guided by spirit in terms of how to create a better bridge between our world and theirs. One day, maybe it will happen. I know the worst thing to do is try to force the creative process. That's when I always end up with pure junk.

  One thing that I have noticed with your stream, and this is not to be critical of your stream, just providing you some feedback; I have a whole lot of what sounds like music. I remember here on the stream, every so often when you would get that buzz sound, you knew to perk up because something might be coming from spirit. I love your site, Stefan, but I seem to be getting what I would classify as relaxation spiritual music. Please do not take offense to that, it's the only way I know how to describe it.

  I, for one, will be using your stream off and on and will be sure to post if anything significant is caught.

Thanks a ton for your site, Stefan.