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 Posted: Sep 1st, 2014 02:34 PM
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Well, I have watched it and for a not yet fully edited programme, in general I thought it was fairly good.

The biggest failing in my view is that there was no sceptical challenging of any of the researchers, but this is normally the case with such documentaries. Nevertheless, I hope other forum members have time to watch it and share their thoughts.

Unfortunately there are plenty of what to me were indecipherable noises said to be voices, but the producer thoughtfully placed cations of what was being 'said', in case there should be any doubt...

For me the least convincing were the Italian wobbly tape noises and interpretation of an SSB signal on an ordinary radio.

I didn't find many of the video images very convincing, although there was one exception; those images taken at the end by Robbert van den Broeke on the cameras of the video crew. If the events reported were exactly what happened, then that's amazing.

I though much of the video reinforced the fact that EVPs mainly consist of short phrases of often only tangential relevance, but I still think that's fascinating.