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 Posted: Jul 11th, 2014 08:20 PM
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Hey, Keith,

I really, really wish that I could help you out. Maybe I can, I don't know. I know that I have a couple of spare computers at a separate location (grandma's garage, lol). As far as broadband connectivity is concerned, here at the house we average between 33-40Mb/s download, and anywhere from 6 to 8Mb/s up. The ping, depending on which server speedtest chooses, is as low as 15, and as high as 93.

At one point, I did set up a stream that your site inspired me to build, but to this day, Ron is the only one who ever used the site. I had set it up through U-Stream, and would run one of a number of different "Ghost-boxes" through the audio, and I think we got some really interesting results. The test, however, was far too brief, and participants far too few for the test to be taken seriously. Part of that was my problem, as I had asked that people "request", or "tell me" a time that they could get on and conduct a remote spirit box session because I have always felt (due to readings a few years back when it seemed like ghost boxes were the rage) that leaving a ghost-box run while being unmanned was just potentially rude to spirit. Being as I am, not wanting to upset anyone here or on the other side, I just quit the experiment, and labeled it a failure.

I would love to see some more ITC inventions in the future. Not trying to put pressure on you by any means, but you seem to have a special connection to spirit that allows you to use your education and knowledge you have obtained, and work closely with spirit. Maybe that is why I like your site so much, I don't know. I just know that I check the site, a lot, to see what is going on. Seems your site is one of only a handful that are dedicated to finding an understanding of ITC, and spirit communication, and does so without all of the "ooooohhhhh, bad things are going to happen to you if you try this". While I know that spirit contact can be risky, I also know not that you can not let your imagination run wild when you conduct these experiments. Almost everybody I have met on this site is very down to Earth, and has a very level head on their shoulders.