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 Posted: Jul 9th, 2014 04:49 AM
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While I have not run the program, I did download and scan it with Norton and it reports no threats found.

Here is a portion of the Read Me file:

This build is a BETA TEST, as in it may have some kinks
or dependancies that still need to be worked out.



  There is a button labled "Load Preset Settings" in the program.

  First time users need to load the settings file
"EvilDictator_LoadSettings.gws" located at: C:EvilDictator


This software has been tested only on Windows XP.

You might run into problems if you don't have some of the
required dependancies.

If you have problems running this program, here are a few
things to check.


Do you have the right default device settings selected?

In the control panel ( Start>Control Planel>Sound and Audio Devices )
Make sure that you have the right "Default Device" and not something
like "ManyCams" or some other virtual mic.

You can select which speech engine you use.

Down by the clock on the bottom right hand side of the task bar,
You should probably see a small microphone icon.

 Right click that> Settings> Speech Recognition, Properties,
Advanced Speech, and in the "Language" box you should see something
like:  Microsoft English Recognizer v5.1


 Make sure you have all your windows updates.


You may also need the Speech SDK 5.1:


  You will also need to have MS Framework 4.0 or greater.


If you run into problems starting this program, you can try
clicking on the Elect_EvilDictator.hta file located in:  c:EvilDictator