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 Posted: Jul 8th, 2014 06:43 PM
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Hey folks, check this out, its the same thing we are doing here only in program mode.. The filters were calibrated using the germanium diodes.

Also on Zippyshare...

The Evil Dictator and Witch Doctor:

Two programs in 1, "The Evil Dictator" is an EVP Lab that allows you to record, filter, and extract speech from any kind of EVP Recordings. It is currently calibrated for energy microphones ( EVP Mics, Diodes, etc. ) but this build includes a studio that allows you to manually create filters and save them as presets for future recordings. Once recorded, you can then run the recording through the an additional process to extract the text of any detected speech.

The Witch Doctor is a Bio-Resonance / Sonic Therapy machine that has presets to treat over 1,000 conditions. It is based off of research by "Royal Raymond Rife" and has minimal hardware requirements. This build also includes additional modern sonic therapy experiments that tries to build off of Rife, and other contributors research.

(I removed the attached image because I felt the underlying iconic character was inappropriate and because the image offered no additional information than what you've already posted - Ron)

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