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 Posted: Jul 6th, 2014 11:53 AM
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Hey guys, and gals,
I have looked here, on this site, where information regarding the stream is usually posted, but can not find a definitive answer to my question. Before I post my question, I want to make it clear that I have the utmost respect for Keith Clark, ArizonaEVP, and the other mods. This site used to be one that I would visit on an almost daily basis, and would thoroughly enjoy, especially when I would get that "feeling" that spirit was trying to get my attention. I have captured many EVP while recording from here, and I would get a sense of "closure", in the sense that I could validate (to myself anyhow) that I was not crazy.
That being said, Do you have any plans to make this site operational, even if it is just audio, anytime soon? I know there is cost to be dealt with, and I also know that Keith has, seemingly, been doing a lot of moving in the past few years. I am far from an engineer, but I am creative enough, and have enough of a science/technology background that I am comfortable in extending my services, if needed, to help get this site running again.
Please, please, please, do not interpret this as me complaining in any way. This site, in my opinion, was a HUGE step forward for people like myself who always had an interest in ITC, especially when EVP gets boring.