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 Posted: Jul 3rd, 2014 01:33 PM
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Keith Clark

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After 7 years I am looking back and realize that the mission of this forum contradicts what is on the homepage.

My stance has evolved to, and is now this:

We must work together collectively, and continue to develop ourselves spiritually. These combined will produce the greatest results. We may strive to produce evidence of life after death, but this is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to raise human consciousness to bring us back into the golden age, where we unlock our own potential.

Communicating with spirit and finding new ways to do so is a tool we are using to accomplish this objective.

I recant my original statement and hereby proclaim: We are here to join together and stand as one. As such, we understand that spiritual development is paramount, and is of the utmost importance. Progress will not, and cannot come without advancement of spirituality and understanding of the collective soul.

We are the next generation, and together we will help change the world, from inward out. Our light will reflect into others. We lay the majority of burden of proof on our spirit collaborators, we will be the mediums through which they work to help us accomplish our goals.

This is our goal. And we will see it fulfilled. Together, as one.

In the light,