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 Posted: Jul 2nd, 2014 03:37 PM
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To kick off this forum thread, I'd like to share something I became aware of through our friends Orion Silverstar, courtesy of Artem Miheev in Russia....

Article researched and written by Thanassis Vembos from

Special thanks to Thanassis for his research and sharing this info with the world, apparently this article was written awhile back.

Currently, the only info on this item is Thanassis' website, take a minute to visit it here:

the full version of the website is here:

I find it fascinating, and find a lot of similarities here to physical mediumship and Spiricom and am inviting group discussion on this topic.

Several things that really stuck out are:
a séance type circle of sitters with a known medium
experiments were conducted in the dark, mention of infrared light
images have characteristics and look like images from ectoplasm found in physical mediumship
images were scrutinized and if duplicated today would likely fall into the all too common pareidolia genre, skeptics would likely say

...similar to the Spiricom story,
a medium was involved (Bill (William) O'Neil)-has been described in the book "The Ghost of 29 Megacycles" as having abilities akin to a physical medium

both excitement and accusations of fraud abound

experimenter sort of faded away, became destitute (inferred from this article) as well as materials used, to be later found missing, or small pieces found

What do you think?

I theorize that in a vacuum particles, ie. atoms, etc are less tightly bound together, that the atmospheric pressure of high altitudes can be considered akin to a higher vibration less dense than that of sea level, ie our physical world.

I'm not a scientist, my hypothesis are merely intuition and educated conclusions.

It is my intention to recreate this experiment, spirit and conditions willing. I theorize that if a vacuum is sustained at constant atmospheric pressure of a very low value, the combination of mediumship and spirit's ability to influence physical matter may provide potential for phenomena.

Preserving this website article as a pdf here, should something happen to Thanassis' website.

All credit remains with the author, Thanassis.


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