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 Posted: Jun 6th, 2014 08:30 AM
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Hi Ron,

Well there are lots of Youtube videos showing various EMF meters. Most of them seem to be made by users, not retailers which makes a nice change. Unfortunately any relevant scientific analysis linking their use with ghosts/spirits is usually conspicuous by its absence.

(Sorry, I'm being over cynical again.)

Yes, any radio communications transmitter will emit an EMF signal - and not necessarily only when it's transmitting - whether it's in a passing vehicle of fixed somewhere else. But it may not show up on an EMF meter sensitive to a different part of the spectrum.

For example, a microwave EMF meter won't be sensitive to CB transmissions or AC mains fields.

Most devices seem to be aimed at those who perceive a threat from EMFs, so cover from mains frequencies to a 100 kHz or so, then jump to the GHz range.

But for all I know most spirits may do stuff at 29 MHz (reference Spiricom!) but many EMF meters don't even operate there.

By the way, the phrase 'tri-field' meter gets banded about in the videos without any clear explanation of what that means. It appears to refer to the meter's ability to react to AC magnetic, electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, usually by switching the sensing device.


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