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 Posted: May 5th, 2014 11:47 AM
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I did an EVP session regarding a current news story making national headlines. Dashcam video can be found on YouTube. Here is a link to one of the YouTube News videos.

(Sorry to say Ron, very little audio is available from the dashcam for further evaluation)

Basically what happened was, A deputy claimed that he was hit by a 19 yr old female as he attempted to stop her to do a sobriety test. The deputy claimed that the impact landed him on the hood of her car as she accelerated and the deputy was in fear for his life. He claims to have shot the 19 year old in self-defense, through her windshield 4 times. Twice in the chest and once in each arm killing her at the scene.

Witnesses at the scene claim that the 19 yr old did not hit the officer with her car. They claim that the deputy jumped onto the hood of her car.

I recorded an EVP session where I attempted to make contact with Samantha prior to her funeral. I used the EVPM with a foreign language background. No English words are audible in the background sound.

In the following clip I asked Samantha if she accidentally hit the officer, or if he jumped onto her car. I hear a response that sounds like "he had jumped."

Here is the response again, isolated.

Here is a response from another female, possible directed at Samantha. To me, it sounds like the female says, " you (the) victim. That man needs to be off the (streets)"

Others have told me they hear, "You (are the) victim. That man pissed me off."

Here it is again slightly edited.

Obviously, there isn't any proof that Samantha answered my question.

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