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 Posted: Apr 15th, 2014 03:09 AM
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Hmm.. I'm not sure what to tell you. Technically, nothing is hooked up and I'm amazed that I'm getting any kind of signal at all.

Also, when getting some kind of static from essentially boosting and filtering nothing, I am inclined to observe that there is random sounding static, and within that random sounding static there are a hand full of non symmetrical/non-interval patterns which leads me to focus on those areas.

Going off of the concept that any non-bodies entity could attempt to make use of ambient frequencies to "voice" a response. I would think to filter everything outside of the basic voice frequency range, cut the low end and boost the highs just to sharpen any mid/high pronunciations.

Since I'm expecting that an entity on recording would not be generating any frequencies themselves, just slightly "realigning" the ambient frequencies, I wouldn't expect it to move a graph very much since it is not injecting any signal but only slightly modulating it.

I would also have to accept that since it is only slightly modulating frequencies, there would still be ambient static within the basic frequency range that it is not currently in the act of manipulating.

I am also currently favoring using as small an antenna as possible,the little metal bit hanging off the diode is all I'm using. I tried it with a larger antenna but I think it just picked up too much. I'd rather have the entity struggling to be heard and giving me the chance to hear it with as little interference as possible then for me to have a bunch of jumbles because I'm asking the entity to modulate too much signal.

Some thoughts that come to mind that I want to try in the near future is to submerge the diode to see if the liquid can create some kind of "sound booth" for any non-bodied visitors.

If I'd press record and just got a flat line, I'd actually be happy because there is nothing to figure out.

If I'd press record and just got steady TV style static, I'd be happy because its just static.

But there are patterns in the static and I'm hearing something other than silence so I'm interested.

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