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 Posted: Apr 15th, 2014 01:54 AM
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Correct, that's the fundamental frequency, but it's misleading to consider it as the source or origin frequency for speech. It's just a very rough approximation of where the harmonics come from. It's not really much use in speech analysis and won't show up as a line on a spectrum of speech, as would say a musical note from an instrument.

As you'll have read, that article also says that the frequencies 300 to 3400 Hz is where the intelligence of speech is concentrated. Fortuitously early carbon telephone microphones responded well in this range, and for various technical reasons that's why communications voice channels still use this part of the audio spectrum.

You just won't hear anything integrable if the voice channel is restricted much below about 1500 Hz. If you have any sound software play about with the upper and lower frequency limits with speech to see what I mean.