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 Posted: Apr 14th, 2014 12:50 AM
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ArazonaEVP, that diode jack thing looks interesting, I'm going to try that tomorrow, hopefully I understand the concept right. I'm not sure if it is trimmed down of bent over and soldered somewhere else in the back that I cant see. I'll mess around but I don't expect to catch any EVP if there isn't a ghost around. I was hoping that, with the larger antenna, there would be more frequencies available that the entity could manipulate into a message but I think it was overkill.

I'll keep messing around, I get the concept of making frequencies available that, in an undisturbed state, sound like weak static and giving whatever entity that can jiggle those frequencies around into something usable. Similar to that "transformer" in the movies that changed radio stations to find a way to communicate. I think his name was bumblebee or something like that..

I get that concept, I'm just trying to make sure that the diode set up is correct and that if I am going to listen to static through some diode antenna, that I'm actually using the diode antenna haha.

Any idea on how I could make sure that the diode is detecting a signal? Maybe wiggle it infront of the tv or something with static? Do you think just bare wires hooked up to an audio jack would also just crackle and static?

I'll mess around more with it tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies and tips for this EVP stuff. I see electrical diagrams but I don't quite get it, I see "signal flows this way".. and getting that humming when I touched the diode really confused me since I thought that the diode would only let the signal flow one way.. maybe there's a thresh hold on how much signal it won't allow back through the reverse route that I went past? I don't know. I think I need some electrical testing gear to verify signals are going through things I think they are going through.