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 Posted: Apr 10th, 2014 01:17 PM
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Yes Keith, I'm pleased to help.

I've always thought that if it's a noise source researchers want, why not use a constant, reliable electronically generated, volume-controllable source?

Using radio tuned away from stations for background noise is just leaving the experiment open to various RF signals (including Morse code, teletype, fax, data, SSB, etc.), many of which will sound paranormal to the uninitiated, particularly on short wave. (I know, I've been shown some "EVPs" obtained like that. On at least one occasion I had to say: "No, sorry love. It's not your deceased brother, it's the Shannon VOLMET USB aircraft weather station and you're trying to listen on a simple AM shortwave radio.)

Using foreign-language tapes - reversed or otherwise - I also feel is provoking pareidolia.

The following circuits generate random noise. Presumably roughly 'white noise'. (There is pink, brown, blue and grey amongst others! But I doubt the spirits care what colour it is.)

Some of the circuits will be suitable to go directly into the mic socket. Some have more output and would be better for the line in/phono input. Just experiment.


I suggest C2, 3 and 4 are increased in value to say 10 uF to give better response at audio frequencies.

I shouldn't worry about the mention of power supply ripple if you run it off a battery, and 9V should be enough. Maybe reduce all resistors by say 20% for 9 volts.


That should run off 9V easily too without any changes.


Interesting because this one will generate audio for EVP background, and RF for diode detection methods.


Anyway, you get the idea, just Google "audio OR af noise generator circuit OR schematic" for plenty more.

Good luck and I hope we get some results feedback on here...


PS: If anyone posts any results, PLEASE don't suggest what phase we should be hearing. We'll never get objective results that way.

PPS: Actually, Morse or teletype from "beyond" would probably be an unambiguous signal if anyone could read it.

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