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 Posted: Apr 9th, 2014 08:22 AM
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Hello Grimus,

Welcome to the forum.

The pic you reference in post #84 is basically a diode with an input antenna and output to a mic jack.  While Keith has the ground wire of the mic cable attached to the project box,  the rudimentary circuit is still ungrounded.  If you were envision the setup without the project box you will see how basic it is.

This is just another variation inspired by the Raudive Diode.

If you do a search on this site for raudive diode you will find a few threads that delve into various designs.

If you wish to gain an overview of the Raudive can read through this thread:

I listened to your recordings and found them interesting.  When you start applying filters to the point of hearing the higher pitched musical sounding have over-processed the file which makes it hard for others to perform analysis.

It's always better to upload an unfiltered version of your recording wherever possible.

Keep plugging away with your experiment. 

BTW...Here's a pic of a very basic use of a diode:


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