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 Posted: Apr 8th, 2014 04:43 AM
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Well, one of the configurations I've messed with I was able to get a recording of what sounded like "Let me think, I'm not ready yet". Like if you put a mic to someones face to do a mic check and they didn't know what to say.

With your husband being an electrical engineer, could you ask him this. One cable I'm messing with is a diode on a "Belkin" brand name stereo cable, then I touch the tip of the diode and I get a hum. I then also took an old set of stereo headphones, ripped the headphone section off and twisted all the cables together and then attached the diode. When I touch the diode to see if its getting a signal, there is no hum.

What confuses me is that I know headphones can be used as microphones, I've tested it, but I don't understand why it is not getting a signal.

Maybe the wire setup is diff?

if I were to use musician cables, (1/4 inch I believe).. should I be using the shielded cables.. or the un-shielded cables?

Does the thickness of the wire come into play at all? Like, if the wire is thicker does it help move the signal or does the bulk of the material water down the signal? I guess the term would be impedance?

I should probably just stick with the set up I'm using that got the one EVP but I'm just trying a few things to see if I can get a better recording of it..

Tips on cleaning up the recordings would be nice (such as parametric settings)


Been looking around for info.. I think thicker cable is the way to go.

The headphones had thinner wires, the "belkin" brand wire seemed a bit thicker... bit I still get these weird spikes like it wants to be grounded but I'm not sure on how to ground it.. Does connecting the ground wire to something metal really work.. I have some old hard drives, I could just maybe stick the wire in one of the screw holes if you folks think that would actually work. I thought it actually had to connect into the ground for it be be grounded.

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