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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2014 07:45 AM
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This is just a question about what is reported what we are supposed to do,
Since we are trying and talk with the dead and have them speak to us so we can record their voices, Are we opening a doorway to something more?
 We all have seen the warnings,and it's is reported to protect yourself before beginning any recording or activity such as this,
Like saying a prayer of protection against any negative energy's that we could happen to come across. I will admit MOST of the time I do say a prayer of protection before recording but not always do I remember each time, Could this be harmful?
I also do carry a blessed (By The Church) medal of St Benedict for added or extra protection. Is This Enough?
I have been recording for evps for several years now and have been many places to do this, Such as Cemetery's and reported haunted house's or area's Etc.
So I wonder what the chances are that something negative could have followed me home or perhaps attached itself to me or In case I mistakenly have opened a door way of some kind? My wife sells clothing on ebay that she purchase's from the thrift stores, Can these items carry negative energy's into my home?
I plan to do a smudging with White Sage of my house and everyone living here, only because I figure it's better to be safe and it shouldn't hurt.
But I wonder if anyone reading this has run across any issues while recording for evps?
Sorry if I posted in wrong area!

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