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 Posted: Feb 24th, 2014 07:53 AM
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Very nice build Itsu :)

I've not heard of the 'Mexican dogs' phenomenon before and will check that out.

What I can't check out now, is testing like that on my own TDC.
A gentlemen emailed and asked to buy it and while I fully support others being able to further their own research, decided to ship it for free.
It was found to be in a dismembered state as i'd repurposed the coils for a crystal radio build, so it was rebuilt.
Then was posted off a couple of weeks ago and the package included one of the solar radios as pictured above....which i'm delighted to read may be of use in understandings, following your reception Itsu of a station on the TDC.

Here's the rebuilt TDC, now with audio jack socket and using a germanium diode.
Hopefully the new owner will have success and post here.

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