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 Posted: Jan 16th, 2014 01:36 PM
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Hi all.... I would like to ask the question to those involved in the research of Paranormal, ITC, etc...?    I am hearing alot of about these new phone apps that are on the market to buy, they have become a very popular trend with the paranormal community, people are claiming to be in contact with the spirit world when these apps have not be tried and tested, but people are jumping on board and claiming all sorts of communication??????????

   Is this research moving to fast, without proper research into these new devices.  After all EVP! Has been Tried and tested and researched with in Faraday cages and been put through through tough research over many decades, and still researcher all of the world are reproduced EVP results, but we are all  still researching what the phenomena is, we can 'believe' these voice to be from spirit (As I do) but we can not say for sure???? But these new devices having been on the market for very long and yet people are 'claiming' that they are valid without proper research????  I find this very worrying....

Our research has always had a hard time from skeptics and some scientists, but EVP can still hold it's own (In my opinion) that we are not getting stray radio waves etc, it's been reproduced by people for many decades, the hang up science has got is that we can not perform the phenomena on call. So to back to the question in hand!  I understand we must move forward, but what I am concerned about are we moving to fast in a destructive way?   What your opinion?? Many thanks Lance.

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