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 Posted: Dec 14th, 2013 11:47 PM
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Hi folks,

Well I am back...I have accumulated alot of stuff; I am in my basement finally and am pretty much setup to do this; but I tell you I am somewhat afraid...I been putting this off; but I play mmo pc games and play music like guitar; it seems to distract any emotion from interfering...and it also prevents me from continuing on.

I have been really getting these odd feelings of coils and electromagnetics...

I am sensing you were talking about 5k coils...well I am an electronics expert people...and I am back again to try this.

You can use audio transformers?? Or one side of them...altho they usually come on 1k on input and 8 ohm or so on the output; there may be 5k ohm input side audio transformers...

I have quite a few coils; I have some of Erland Babcock's stuff he gave me before he passed on as well and I need to get my act together and go thru this stuff.

I finally have a nice corner in the basement and privacy; but mind you I also play pc video games and the last month I was almost addicted to one; I QUIT the game it was consuming me; no woriies it was a space game but I do play army games as I was in the Air Force so I do have a military background...all in all the games help me I think and like everything we need to learn moderation and know when to quit.

I will be Live Streaming EVERYTHING from start to finish; if this stuff works people it works; and most of all when it does work if anyone, like me, get those feelings of fear and dont want to press on; we need that support.

I have setup a channel but I dont know how to save videos; I think I will have to pay $7 or so a month I dunno yet.

This streaming location will be advertized in some of the better known circles; once I get movin on this, and figure out how to save the streams, it will be pretty kool.

I have one major issue...I am looking for Aliens not ghosts...but also, at this point I dont really care anymore what happens; I am to the point where it is time to get those results; the only thing is, when they really happen for me; I dont think the world is ready for it; maybe most of us in these circles already know that; most are skeptics; I am a skeptic which is a good thing as I am trying so desperately not ti cause emotional interference with the tests I do; and we all know how nearly impossible that is.

Well there is a secret and now I am being told to tell it....

Morse code; codes; ascii; ham radio codes; tty; languages like French or languages we dont fluently speak; we get those answers in a language that is impossible for us to duplicate; and we have SOLVED any interference problem.

Then I tought, tonite...why not morse code; I am pretty good with it; in fact morse code is readible thru noise where voice isnt; I dont know about computer generated tho even tho t is possibl; we may need it to read the code if it comes in too fast.

So yes; coils, magnets; this is the main areas I seem to be getting involved with...second are lasers and crystals (real rock crystals) and those things that spilt the visual spectrum I forget the name but there is a stone that is made to do that; I have some stone and sheets of it for scrying; this is spooky stuff; so that is where I am at.

Here is my website:

I am glad to see people still here working on this.

I dont know when I will stream; I am working up a number of websites to let people know what I am going to do; setup my own website for some informationals; and just go for it.

I am usually on in the evening hours; if I start getting followers to watch; and see others streaming as well working on this; it will be pretty fascinating; let alone if results are obtained live.

Mr Zeta

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