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 Posted: Dec 7th, 2013 03:39 PM
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Well I must say, i'm delighted by the intrigue.
Especially in seeing Itsu here, whom I consider to be one of the finest builders and researchers of energy related projects.
And it's all a bit different ! Instead of looking at Wattage and calculating efficiency figures, all we need are anomalous vocal recordings to analyze.

Hopefully i'll be able to contribute more and quickly. Putting a folded pillow under the back (L2 position) is helping for sleep :)

As in British Telecom ?
I just found the spec/datasheet, maybe useful if you don't have it:
1.9.2 mentions their characteristics and properties for speech. Quite fascinating to read about the nickel iron sleeves over the core - which could have wider relevance for this project ! 
For other relay types, perhaps salvaged from CRT monitors etc, one experiment may be to grind up an old radio ferrite loopstick and pour the shavings into the relay middle.

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