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 Posted: Dec 4th, 2013 02:35 PM
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Youtube 'Scole experiment' brings up documentaries. The one posted by Slider here has what they claim are real recordings, though it was vague saying how some of them were made.

The voices from the radio of the Italian guy were deeply unimpressive to me, though nothing to do with the Scole work.

One claim was that the radio was off and the valves/tubes removed. But it looked all lit up and fully working to me. I WISH had been there to check! The radio voices sounded like recordings on a tape recorder with someone slowing down the spools. It didn't look like any of the 'investigators' were technical enough to tell the difference between a light bulb and an onion!

The Scole stuff was fascinating, but again I would like to have been there. But we've all seen magic tricks that appear to be... magic. So even if I'd witnessed the stuff before my eyes that's no guarantee it wasn't a trick.


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