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 Posted: Dec 4th, 2013 05:51 AM
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Yes, the Scole Experiments were fascinating, and I don't really understand why the technical experiments didn't continue, particularly as they claimed such a revelation/invention/discovery as the germanium-coil device.

And why not build on that, to get better and better information to improve communication? I mean, is that device the total of what they could achieve? Remarkable in itself if it did what was claimed, but why stop there?

I'm also confused about the reference to germanium under slight pressure from a metal point. That IS a semiconductor diode (used as a detector of radio signals) when just the right amount of pressure is found. I see you used a piece of fools gold, but there's mention of carbides, coal and other minerals used as semiconductors. As you will know, these can all be used a crude semiconductors.

The Scole site ( states that the germanium is not acting as a radio receiver and: "...some of the communicators could only speak to us through the germanium receptor.." but talks of instability and a "cut-off point" in the germanium; this is all classic behaviour of semiconductors and radio signals.

Yet the group says communications are not some sort of radio signals, but that the germanium is acting as "a point of entry".

It is a great shame Professor Arthur Ellison is no longer with us. It would be invaluable to get these points clarified. The technical information I have read in the Scole website is muddled, not the work of a physics professor.

Having just written all that, I did a bit of reverse image searching on the internet of the Scole "Psychic Photographs". The pictures of blobs could be anything, including of paranormal origin, but why include a picture of St Paul's cathedral "taken in total darkness" when it turns out to be an obscure but known photo taken in London during the blitz...?


Thanks for the link to the Scole video. Very interesting, but it begs more questions than it answers...

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