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 Posted: Nov 19th, 2013 04:02 AM
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This is most bizarre!... a pet pigeon that contracted paramyxovirus some 2 years ago & was rendered virtually flightless, recently made a substantial recovery, enough to be able to fly up to my roof... however caused me much hassle in trying to get it down again. Subsequent to this found that the bird's feathers on one wing had been clipped (in the same manner you would clip feathers to impair flight).. No person has been at my home of late to have carried this out /nor has anyone surrounding my home had access to the bird... moreover the bird has been more skittish of late than usual -in fact at times seems quite petrified.
However the clipping of feathers evidently wasn't enough to restrict flight.. the bird again flew up to my roof...& this time took off into the distance - extraordinary in itself given 2 years non-flying!! (amazing 'muscle memory').
Was naturally upset thinking it had gone for good (for it seemed the virus had mucked around its navigation ability to an extent).. However asked spirit if the bird will come back & replied "Tomorrow will be back".. however still went looking for it the next day checking local parks (despite another spirit saying "you may not find it") ..although was worried it hadn't had any water for a time & the weather was hot...Came home & found the bird had arrived back!
Some simply amazing happenings these days!

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