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 Posted: Oct 18th, 2013 08:48 AM
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Keith Clark

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We can take every invention ever known to man, and then every area as of yet undiscovered - and apply each and every one to work with spirit. Which translates to countless possibilities, as countless as creativity and invention is.

While I appreciate the sweep tuning method and have tested it and proved that spirit can influence it, I also do not view it as a preferred method to work with. I've thought along the same lines as you - in fact, if someone could transmit spiricom tones randomly and sweep across those, I have wondered at what kind of results that would offer. It goes without saying though that I respect and admire the dedication of anyone that gives immense effort to their work, including Frank - no matter how out of the box they are. I have learned to realize that there will always be miracles, and though science says everything is black and white, it really is not. So, anything is possible.

Look forward to your results. I may look up pulse width modulated audio.....