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 Posted: Oct 11th, 2013 03:45 PM
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Worth looking in to. (But what's the CAPITAL LETTERS no paragraph breaks stuff all about in the second post Keith? Virtually unreadable. Presumably it's a formatting issue from copying the original...?)

As someone who's been in broadcast radio engineering for a couple of decades, my initial thoughts are that this guy has considerable knowledge.

Nevertheless, I'm always put off by basic factual errors in such documents. Just one example from above; Marconi had nothing to do with the invention of amplitude modulated (AM) radio. To radio engineers and historians, is a well-known and unambiguously documented fact that Lee Deforest invented and developed AM. Marconi and Tesla developed much earlier radio theory.

By the way, underground/water radio communication has been around for many decades. It relies upon low frequency but conventional radio waves.

As for efficient, compact antennas - especially for lower frequencies - these are the Holy Grail of radio engineering. Unfortunately we are simply up against the laws of physics - at least as we presently understand them.

Also, what a pity no-one in radio/TV broadcasting, military communications, cellphone engineering or amateur radio have ever used 'non-Hertzian' waves. Sounds like they would be extraordinarily useful.


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