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 Posted: Oct 9th, 2013 08:49 PM
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Not sure why the topic was closed; are some posts missing on it as well?

I added...


I have some interesting news on using even tap dont need to use an external or even an internal mic for that matter - IE NO MIC needed !

I read one experimenter use a resistor on the input to load the mic input; typically it is a 600ohm so you dont burn anything out; and across the mic not the dc if there is one on the imc if it is 3 lead which some are.

I have yet to try this using multiple tape setups on one recording session.

As for the diode I have yet to work on it; I am finally working on this again soon and have my lab setup and will even be livestreaming (I posted my site elsewhere here).

The problem is getting so much radio interference; dont even use an antenna; spirit or entities are gonna be right on top of you ! Put the rig in a metal enclosure and connect that to a recorder and listen to it live; also use the 600ohm on the input so you would have to have a matching circuit so you dont load the transducer (diode/coil setup); you could use a battery and transistor amp setup to match it; theres a few ideas here...

As for noise just google noise types; possible filter for noise but dont forget noise is power and the entities need available power to manipulate into audio etc.