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 Posted: Oct 9th, 2013 08:33 PM
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While I dont agree totally with the last poster, it is important for researchers to get information out there in such a way as to allow it for submission if results are obtained; it may do some harm to the researcher but way less if it is not able to be scrutinized.

Why is it that I refuse to use Franks Box? Becuase I have no luck with it? The same or more so goes with that software program that mangles up words; honstly direct EVP voice mixed in with other people talking, using that as energy to be manipulated (?); for me as an electronics engineer that is too subjective; but Frank he is a electronics engineer or tech or HAM just like most of us; why does it only work for him? I cant see the sense in it but if it works for him it probly shouldnt be discounted.

I just cant waste my time on something that I consider uses other voices to get the voices I want.

Spiricom uses tone to effect the same; but at least it isnt garbled voices or sweeping radio stations; it is a little more tangible and produces energies just as well as anything; those tones represent phenome frequencies of standard voice inflections; how they ever thought of that years ago is beyond me and if I hadnt talked to Erland Babcock personally about Mr Meek I wouldnt have believed it.

Erland tried to use lasers and audio frequency sources in combination of sorts which I will be replicating soon; it is an idea worth looking into; I already have the equipment; it is the Spiricom setup to a new higher level!

This work involves extensive research to prove it's non-existence first; it is my intent to get clear voices as if I was talking to someone on a phone, not some garbled sweeping radio; sorry it doesnt work with me and people listneing to the same thing will get different meanings; not only that there is more problem with us ourselves causing the very thing we are trying to investigate !

Spiricom is like basic amplitude modulation in a sense; but I discovered something in one of my prototypes that really freaked me out: Pulse Width Modulated Audio! I knew it was there but I couldnt decode it; you simply dont get that from random radio interference; now that is what I am talking about; that is just one example.

I think Franks Box is just like chasing a dream that Spiricom was; but why was it created (?); there had to be a reason; this is why some of us pursue only what we seem to know.

I am just more theoretical and need to dig in to this stuff deeper to know that what I am seeing and hearing is the real deal.

Mr Zeta

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