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 Posted: Sep 30th, 2013 01:11 PM
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For what it’s worth I tend to agree with Pipesmokingman. The radio sweep method is just another way of selecting random words or word segments and the brain does the rest. I realise that people who are convinced they hear phrases relevant to them will say the entities have manipulated the timings of the sweep (or a similar explanation) to create the message. Well, yes, possibly.

But why not just build a machine that generates clear words at random? Then the entities may be able to manipulate the electronics to build coherent, relevant, unambiguous sentences. Sparks has described exactly that on another thread and his initial postings sound promising.

Having a background in audio and electronics, I can’t help thinking that most other EVP/ITC methods leave far too much to chance and misinterpretation. And I know others will say this is a pompous and unhelpful attitude. But consider this: many years ago, while discussing the basic tape-recording method of generating EVPs with clear-headed qualified sound engineers, they just laughed.

They said radio breakthrough sometimes does occur, but said it was obvious because you could hear part of an taxi or police message, or even very rarely something from Radio Moscow on short wave. They dismissed the ‘spirit voices’ idea because they said the noise floor on even the analogue tape recorders of the 1960s was so good that anything like that would ‘stick out like a sore thumb’ to any half-decent sound engineer and none of them could ever remember a recording session being upset by anything of the sort.

I admit that I found it impossible to supply a counter argument.