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 Posted: Sep 18th, 2013 07:42 AM
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josh , frankly i would not worry too much - nor IMO waste your time with sweep radio - which i have long considered bogus - and before people start with the critisisum of this viewpoint consider the following - PLEASE 

1 . what are you doing ?? - you are sweeping a radio across a range or band of frequencies that have broadcasts on them - and as you pass each channel you may or may not pick up a word or snippet from each interspersed with snippets of music - now if you do this slowly - you can identify the individual channels - do it fast and it may indeed sound like a message

2 . what have you acheived ?? IMO nothing - if you put a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand typewriters - i am willing to bet that you would get "messages " either through chance or just "dumb luck " - this to my mind is the same

3 . is it paranormal ?? - or EVP ?? - IMO BIG NO  on that !! - as i have always considered that TRUE EVP is NOT radio related - yes you can use radio to provide noise - but the second you start using one that has ANY form of antenna connected or internal - then the scope for false positives exist

4. bad spirits > OMG have the "everthing is demonic " brigade infested ITC too ??? - this nonsense is WHY to a large extent i keep away from the "mainstream " paranormal sites - and have not been around on here for yonks - i got so fed up with the whole bad spirit/demonic crap that surfaced some years back - fueled by tv shows theamed on the same issue - that i very nearly gave up all interest

its like Ouija Boards THEY HAVE NO POWER ONLY THE POWER OVER WEAK HUMAN MINDS  - !! -  its the same with a LOT  of whats being trotted out as "paranormal " - its simply not so - now you show me a radio with the power disconnected and valves removed that is not plugged into an antenna and STILL outputs EVP and THATS paranormal

5 .the internet - there are a thousand and one reasons that anything connected TO and USING same as a medium must be considered as not CLEAR of the POSSIBILITY of error - you have BILLIONS  of bytes of info flying round fiber optics - radio circuits etc - and there is a small thing called CROSSTALK  inherent in most /all communication systems - where bits of information get onto /into channels they where not intended to - i have had "phantom " voices whilst using SKYPE  etc , but know its a facet of the system - NOT  something paranormal - ( make damned GOOD -EVP tho :blink: )

to be honest - i have reservations about nearly ALL forms of ITC  - but thats because if one just accepts results WITHOUT  questioning where the result COULD  have eminated from ..........................

any how good luck with your researches - and don't take this as critisisum of your research - i guess i have just become more sceptical over the years - BUT  still believe the answer is out there  ( somewhere ) :biggrin: