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 Posted: Jun 22nd, 2013 02:21 AM
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ArizonaEVP is spot-on about the voltage drops of germanium and silicon diodes. But as I said in post 79 of this thread, Schottky diodes have a slightly lower forward voltage drop than germanium, but more importantly, they have insignificant reverse-leakage current, similar to that of silicon diodes. And they are quite cheap too.

In layman's terms I guess you could say that Schottky diodes are more sensitive, though sensitive to what in EVP experiments I doubt anyone really knows.

I've experimented with all three types, but to be honest haven't had any convincing results. Mostly just picking up a mashup of radio signals or mains hum.

I know there are those who say the 'entities' manipulate these signals into meaningful phrases, but I'm starting to think the brain does that, particularly when you're provided with an interpretation before you have even listened.

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