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 Posted: May 23rd, 2013 07:13 AM
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Was out at Lowery Creek Parrish Church last night. Church was built in 1635 and burned down in 1868. This church and graveyard are assocciated with Bacon's Castle (Arthure Allen's home) and the "Ghost lights of Bacon's Castle".

I'm researching for an upcoming investigation and was out at the churchyard doing some EVP and Spirit box work (Kept hearing the names Richard and Robert via the P-SB7).

Anyway... left the churchyard around 9pm and drove home. Was setting up to go through the recordings and saw a shadow out of the the corner of my eye to my right. Raised gooseflesh, hair on my arms and nape standing straight up. I turned to look at what was there and it disappeared and there was a lound pop (sounded like a small caliber gunshot...22 or 25 caliber) right next to my right ear. I was off the chair and back to the wall in a heartbeat.

Seemed almost like a mini sonic boom where the air slaps together behind a jet.... filling the void as it were.

Has aneone ever heard of anything like this?

Needless to say I never got around to the recording review. Tonight I guess.

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