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 Posted: Apr 28th, 2013 11:58 AM
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I'd hazard a guess at a West European language by the vowel sounds.

A clue would be what frequency were you tuned to. If you want to avoid the broadcast stations, just Google "HF broadcast bands" (this is a start  and listen at some  other frequency many kHz away. (You won't necessarily avoid all signals, but at least they almost certainly won't be AM, much more likely to be data signals of various types or possibly SSB which most domestic sets won't detect properly.)

Presumably you were not listening in SSB mode, but standard AM. In that case I'd say it was a broadcast station.

If you tune all the radios to exactly the same frequency (and there's a neat trick to doing that by using one radio and tuning to the local oscillators of the two others) it will help narrow down what you are hearing.

And don't forget that on SW/HF late at night (12am - is that midnight or noon?) there won't be many of ANY signals of any type above about 15 - to 20 MHz at the moment.

Good luck.


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