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 Posted: Apr 26th, 2013 07:17 PM
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Hi Lance,

It might be a bit of both EVP & radio transmission.

I hear EVP embedded in the noise however the predominant responses seem like a signal bounced off the atmosphere.

In your first post I hear English and can make out words like "departure"

In your second post I hear someone counting off 1 (dot) 1 4 2 which could be a possible call sign.

One possible EVP from your second post can be heard after the number count.

I knocked down the noise a tad more and hear the following:

Introduce Richard Nixon (in this is) a small world

The words in parentheses (in this is) are said quickly so you might hear it differently.

Attached is that Nixon response looped 4 times:

Thanks for posting your clips,

Attachment: Nixon.mp3 (Downloaded 1223 times)