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 Posted: Apr 24th, 2013 12:03 PM
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Hi Scott,

Congrats on scoring a couple of DR60s. I am sure you will find these recorders to be among the best when it comes to capturing EVP. With a fixed sampling rate frequency of 6 kHz, the recorder produces enough noise artifacts for capturing EVP, while maintaining a good enough level of clarity for audio interpretation.

I would recommend experimenting with ALL microphone sensitivity levels. The instruction manual for the DR60 states levels 1-2 should be used to record only the louder sounds, while levels 4-5 should be used to record lower levels of sound than usual. IMO, level 1 of 5 is the most sensitive and captures the most EVPs. However, I have found the "angry man" and irrelevant noise artifacts to come through more on this setting. The voice activation on this setting seems to always "trigger," resulting in more noise artifacts and EVPs. IMO, level 5 of 5 seems to be more selective and captures more obvious noise artifacts and EVPs. I have found this to be true for all of the DR60s I own; however, I know other people will have different results and ultimately varying opinions on how to use the recorder. For example, Debbie and Mark Constantino (famous EVP researchers and Ghost Adventures' guest stars) set their DR60s to level 4 of 5 (4 bars). They say this is the most effective setting for capturing EVP.

I do not have any opinions regarding the magnetic shielding of the DR60, but I do have the service manual with electronic schematics I could send you via email. I cannot interpret the schematics at the moment, but maybe it can help you research the inner-workings of this little EVP powerhouse.

Clockdryve has some great advice regarding the use of this recorder. I have also heard adjusting the volume to a certain setting while recording aides in the capture of EVP. I was instructed by one fellow researcher to keep the volume at 0 (all the way down) for the best results. I have also heard placing the volume to the max setting (all the way up) is best. Others suggest each recorder has its own ideal volume setting while recording to maximize the probability of capturing EVP.

Also, like Clockdryve said, some DR60s will continue to record in complete silence and others will not. Two of my DR60s are sensitive enough to the point where the voice activation is constantly "on" and searching for an audio signal during complete silence. The other one stops recording when it is silent.

Lastly, when testing for EVP, use all of the DR60s at once. It is interesting to see what each recorder picks up compared to the others. I will sometimes turn on the DR60s with other recorders as well. The Panasonic RR-QR80, QR100, QR200, QR240, and QR400 (all 8 kHz LP and SP mode) are great companions to the DR60. The Olympus W-10 (3.9 kHz LP mode), Sony ICD-B510F (6.94444 kHz LP mode w/ built in radio for Direct Radio Communication), and the Sony ICD-B16/B26 (7.2 kHz LP mode) are great to run side by side with the DR60s. The Sony ICD-B7/B17 (8 kHz LP mode) and ICD-B25 (it's a B7 with VOR) are good too. I also like running a recorder that captures high fidelity uncompressed sound (24 bit/96 kHz or 16 bit/44.1 kHz) along with the recorders listed above for audio verification.

Upload some of your EVPs when you have a moment! You already know from the other posts to use the 3/32" adapter with 1/8" audio cable to transfer files from the DR60 to your computer. With the DR60, I occasionally use a BBE Sonic Maximizer direct input box, Pro Tools, and equalizer / noise reduction plug-ins to clean up the audio signal and EVPs. However, Audacity is an excellent program as well, and along the way, you will find what program works best for you. Sometimes, you may not want to edit the audio file or EVP and leave it in its original state. There are varying opinions on the topic of whether or not to edit EVPs. I usually keep an original and edited version of each EVP captured.

All the best to you!

Be well,


***By the way, great job scoring a DR60 for $4.00!!!!!***

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