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 Posted: Apr 14th, 2013 09:16 AM
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Jan wrote: I remember diagram 1 from post #3 from Breakthrough and I made it in a screened Sellotape tin in 1975 using an OA81 germanium diode and about 12 inches of wire as the antenna.

When I plugged it into my Philips cassette recorder it didn't do anything except weakly pick up the local AM station, which looking back now is what I'd expect since it is just a very insensitive untuned crystal set as stated by Ron.

Has anyone ever used this circuit or one of its variants to pick up anything other than AM stations? Is there even the vaguest theories as to how it might work to generate EVPs?

With cautious use the device (in my opinion) should still be useful for research. It may vary greatly from location to location depending on the distance from local radio transmitters, mainly AM radio broadcast towers.
The blend of three or four radio station signals at the same level as the recorder noise floor should be beneficial in a transform process EVP. One very strong local signal might render the device unusable and this should be kept in mind. A faraday shield, or changing the antenna wire length might help with the initial level setting. Keep in mind the old tape recorders had a manual level adjustment on the microphone input circuit, so the levels would be easier to match the noise floor than with a modern digital recorder.