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 Posted: Apr 10th, 2013 09:25 AM
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This circuit worked well enough for the December 13, 1969 experiments that the next morning found Dr. Raudive signing a contract for the publishing of an English language version of his book.

The book Breakthrough placed EVP’s into the English speaking public arena and allowed Dr. Raudive to emerge as the preeminent motivator of men in the field of Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Inasmuch as the diode recording concept seemed to work well in recording anomalous voices, the process lacked the ability for the experimenter to inject questions into the recording.

So once again; the diode evolved with Professor Schneider designing another circuit which allowed the input of a microphone.

Here is that circuit:

Apparently, the use of the 1nF capacitor between the antenna and the diode is to help cut down on mains hum voltage. This circuit also recommends using a grounding wire from the metal enclosure to a grounding source.

While you may still find an AA116 diode somewhere online, an appropriate equivalent would be a 1N60 diode.

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