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 Posted: Apr 10th, 2013 09:22 AM
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In April 1968 physics professor Alex Schneider introduced the diode to Dr. Raudive.

Professor Schneider understood radio’s inherent potential of false EVPs creeping into a recording from station drift. With that in mind he proposed a simple circuit that could only pick up transmissions from the immediate area surrounding the device.

The circuit(s) Professor Schneider chose were based on the old “catwhisker” or crystal radio sets from the early days of radio.

Here is a pic from the appendix of the English version of Dr. Raudive’s book Breakthrough. The description and diagrams seen are the translated words and work of Professor Schneider.

As you read through the page you will notice that Diagram 1 – the most common diode schematic found on the internet was only used during the earliest experiments.

Also note Professor Schneider’s statement about elements within the circuit not being critical. I think this also applies to the circuit itself as long as a crystal radio circuit is being used.

You will notice that there is additional info that relates to circuits 2 & 3 in the form of Notes 8 & 9.

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