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In the beginning….

While Friedrich Jürgenson is officially credited with the 1959 discovery of the voice phenomenon we know today; there had been other individuals prior to 1959 who had attempted to communicate with “the dead” by mechanical means. Mr. Jürgenson retains this title because he was the first researcher to be recognized on an international basis.

During his research, Jürgenson realized that he could obtain louder and clearer EVPs by using the inter-frequency static from a radio that was tuned between two stations.

In the spring of 1960; following the advice of contacts from the other side, Jürgenson began using radio and settled on a Medium Wave frequency range of 1450-1600 kHz.

His optimal frequency; which produced a buzzing or wobbling sound came in at 1480~1485 kHz but varied slightly due to things like atmospheric conditions. To this day, this frequency is known to researchers as the Jürgenson Wave.

In 1964, psychologist and philosopher Dr. Konstantin Raudive became intrigued with the EVP phenomenon after reading Jürgenson’s book Rosterna fran Rymden (“Voices from space”)

Dr. Raudive contacted Jürgenson and arranged a meeting with him in April 1965 where the two men conducted microphone only recordings.

Even though Dr. Raudive could hear an occasional word, he considered these initial recordings somewhat lackluster in quality. This was probably due to Dr. Raudive not understanding the tone and timbre of EVPs. Nevertheless, Dr. Raudive’s interest continued and the two men began to collaborate.

On June 10, 1965 Jürgenson added radio static to their recording sessions. The injection of radio static made all the difference. Dr. Raudive heard voices calling “Friedrich! Friedrich!”; which was Jürgenson’s first name.

But the response that would forever change the landscape of things to come was a response directed to Dr. Raudive: “Do you know Margaret, Konstantin?”

Indeed, Margaret Petrautzki; a very close friend of Dr. Raudive had passed from a serious illness earlier that year on Feb. 10, 1965.

Now hooked, Dr. Raudive parted company with Jürgenson and began to conduct his own research into the EVP phenomenon.
From 1965 to 1968 Dr. Raudive began his own EVP sessions; recording in what he felt were controlled environments. Along the way he invited colleagues and scientists to participate.