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 Posted: Apr 6th, 2013 07:22 AM
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scott39 wrote:
Hey can you recommend a good site to buy that adapter I was looking on amazon and couldn't locate that adapter. By the way I have three RR DR60's two of them will keep on recording in a quiet room when I have sensitivity at full and volume at full. The other RR DR60 with volume at full and mic sensitivity at full will stop recording after I say something. Really odd. I really wish htere was a way to disable the voice activation.
clockdryve wrote:

Forgot to mention -

One other thing can get the 3/32" mono-male to 1/8" stereo-female adapter at Radio Shack. I would suggest getting a couple when you find them. They are becoming obsolete....I use the chrome/metal variety (around $6 but going on clearance around my location for under $4) they make a cheaper plastic housing variety also -- but I highly recommend the full metal version.

Hi Scott,

Do a search for: 2.5 mm mono female to 3.5 mm stereo male and you'll find several varieties in all price ranges.