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 Posted: Apr 5th, 2013 10:17 PM
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Hey can you recommend a good site to buy that adapter I was looking on amazon and couldn't locate that adapter. By the way I have three RR DR60's two of them will keep on recording in a quiet room when I have sensitivity at full and volume at full. The other RR DR60 with volume at full and mic sensitivity at full will stop recording after I say something. Really odd. I really wish htere was a way to disable the voice activation.
clockdryve wrote:
Hey Scott,

Nice....a "couple" DR60's :-)

As with ALL voice recorders while trying to capture EVP's I would suggest adjusting the Microphone to Highest setting.

I always use the "longest" play setting on my recorders (also causing the worst playback because of the "white noise" - but you want this...) *You will ALSO need to get a 3/32" mono-male to 1/8" female-stereo adapter for your "regular" 1/8" stereo audio cable (2 male ends) because the DR60 has an ODD Ball headphone output size...
*this is to connect to your computer for uploading-use AUDACITY Audio Software (free) to backup and filter for review...

Good luck with the DR60 - I have a couple myself.

Try this....put microphone setting on high and go into a small "quite" location...closet works good. Turn on recorder to make a recording...and be SURE to be totally quiet. Watch your breathing...

Now look to see if the RED recording indicator light remains lit when NO sound is present...

Also listen to the speaker while recording...see if you can hear a hissing or ticking sound.

The 2 DR60's I have act differently. One has red light while recording when NO sound is present and the other goes into Voice-Activated Feature (while on FULL microphone setting), they both have the hissing sound...

I prefer the one that remains lit all the time. Otherwise the recorder shuts down and waits for something to allow it to open back to recording --- slight volume EVP's are lost. I have a few random "white noise" generators. I plan to use one of the generators next to the recorder that will not remain recording (in quiet locations) and adjust the audio output of the white noise source to keep recorder running. Needs set so that it is barely noticeable though.

Good Luck with you Panasonics :-)


Forgot to mention - when you are checking to see if the recorder will record in "quiet" locations...and continue to record (red light not flicker--constant on) you must also have the volume control on maximum also, because this increases the volume of hiss coming out of the speaker during recording....and I'm SURE that is what is causing them to remain recording (with microphone on high setting)....though I have heard from others -- as well as ONE of my recorders // that it does NOT continue to record in total quiet not defective -- but not as sensitive.

*To answer you email message -- as long as you can plainly HEAR what has been recorder -- it won't really matter how loud (or soft) the audio output is from one recorder to the mostly need to upload the recording to the computer at a reduced volume anyway. Maybe like 30-40% possibly want hear the hiss during playback but not extremely loud. In Audacity SOFTWARE there is a setting to increase volume "record" to PC and that will boost the upload from DR60 if needed.

One other thing can get the 3/32" mono-male to 1/8" stereo-female adapter at Radio Shack. I would suggest getting a couple when you find them. They are becoming obsolete....I use the chrome/metal variety (around $6 but going on clearance around my location for under $4) they make a cheaper plastic housing variety also -- but I highly recommend the full metal version.