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 Posted: Apr 2nd, 2013 07:40 PM
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scott39 wrote:
Folks thanks for the responses I have read everything and its been a great help to me, I have came into possession of another RR DR60 from a garage sale for $4.00!!! So now I have three machines to work with. Two of the are earlier serial numbers, the other one is later. I believe I caught a evp in my house the first time I turned on the record button. How do I shrink the file, it appears to be too big?

Hi Scott,

If you are using Audacity, you can convert it to an MP3 however you need to have the Lame Encoder installed.

Here is the Audacity start page to get you going:

Since MP3 is a compressed format....if I were you....I would use

Their Personal accounts are Free and have 5 gig of storage with a 250 meg limit per file. You can upload your clip and then just post the link for peeps to download and review.

Their link is here:

Take Care,