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 Posted: Mar 30th, 2013 06:40 PM
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I'm pretty sure the "angry man" or -screeching- sound is caused by the "Voice Activation" feature of the DR60. I noticed it when I first got my recorder and accidentally had the volume control down to far...causing the "activation" feature to turn on/off during recording... And when it changed from not recording - back to recording >> It caused all sorts of racket, stumbling, screeching and rumbling sounds during playback. You can try that...

Adjust the volume setting while recording "down" until you see the red light go out (or flicker) then when you talk loud enough to activate the VOX (voice activation) the light will come back on. If the adjustment is "sorta" correct -- (not to particular) you will hear the grumbling and LOUD noises.....

Be careful if listening with headphones!!!