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 Posted: Mar 30th, 2013 06:30 PM
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I read an online description of an eBay listing for a DR60 awhile back and the guy said the one he was selling had a "marker" marking on the volume control of the recorder...he claimed that was the IDEAL location for HIS recorder and that would help "enhance" the recording abilities for EVP. He said the adjustment would vary from each individual DR60 for an optimal level...

I've NEVER heard that anywhere before except for the description on his item up for sale. But I do know that the volume control DOES increase the "white noise" -- hissing sound coming out of the speaker during record mode on the Panasonic RR-DR60.

Let me know if that helps. I've never changed outside of FULL on Volume and Microphone level. And that works very well for me.

   Jim H.

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