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 Posted: Mar 30th, 2013 10:54 AM
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Hi Scott...
 I like the DR60,  and had one of my best EVP's captured with it..... Sometime the voice's on there can be a bit gravelly and you have a lot of shouting come through, which a good few years ago they called this shouting the 'angry man'....

As for settings... it's trial and error and what works best for you and spirit....

I believe the story of the DR60, was that when they came out on the market, people was taken them back to the shops claiming that there was unknown voices on the playback recordings....Panasonic stopped making them and asked for them to be returned.

Here is the EVP I captured... This is a unedited file, you will hear me say, 'Please come forward and speak your name?'  then you will hear the EVP, the voice sounds like a young man saying his name 'Matthew'
Hope this helps, Lance.. 

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