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 Posted: Mar 28th, 2013 07:14 AM
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I read of Spiricom and the book "The Ghost of 29 megacycles" years ago and found it a fascinating read, combining my electronics training with my interest in the paranormal.

But as often seems to be the case with ‘proof’ of paranormal matters, on close examination the specific claims of George Meek and William O’Neal start to crumble.

For example, O’Neal was a professional ventriloquist who owned an electro-larynx. And the fact that O’Neal and Dr Muller were never recorded occasionally talking over one another as in real conversations is rather unusual. It’s also reported that only O’Neal could get the Spiricom device to work.

If true, none of the above are proof of a hoax, but it looks (sounds?) mighty suspicious doesn’t it?

Or is this all mischievous naysaying by sceptics afraid of the truth? If this were not a hoax then I expect there are lots of examples of refined Spiricom devices working by now after nearly 30 years of dedicated research by competent researchers.

Apparently the original Spiricom device is now located in a hanger in Florida. Can anyone confirm this?


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