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 Posted: Mar 26th, 2013 05:46 AM
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I tried using a lower transmit frequency, on the top end of the AM band. It's been my experience that if human speech sounds are used the entities find it easy to manipulate it into meaningful messages and speech. I get no responses with this Spiricom set up. After a home made transmitter/receiver I tried a Ramsey AM transmitter kit--same thing, no change in the "raw audio", I tried with recorded and mixed tones, some ones Meek supposedly used. No responses.
I replaced the coil in the transmitter with a crystal, the highest freq I had was 27 mhz. I used my DX-440 as a receiver, I heard the signal, and the transmitted audio, no messages.
I have used EVPmaker since 2001, I use human speech in the form of voice recordings, some just recorded off broadcast radio. EVPmaker works, and "they" manipulate the sound in the form of bits inside the computer--presumably. I make the original Frank's Box, "they" manipulate the bits of speech as a radio is swept across it's tuning range. That works. I use other methods. manual sweep, a radio tuned between stations when there is DX coming in. Foreign language--recording a language I do not understand, announcing I am doing an EVP recording, on playback there is often messages, in English, mixed with the foreign language. I made a device using a Speakjet chip, accessed only by a random number generator, I get meaningful phrases from that, I called it RoboBox. It was inconsistent though.
The only thing I get is nothing on these Spiricom tests. I really doubt that the system is frequency critical, or the tones are all that critical. I'm not wasting anymore time with it when I can just turn on a box and "they" speak immediately. I did try chopped audio, the Speakjet allophones and the "Meek tones" with Spiricom--all no response.